When Insurance Helps Offset the Cost of Your Windshield Repair Kit

The kind folks over at dmv.org have provided a nice breakdown under the title “How to Cover Windshield Repair Through Car Insurance” with a focus on these headings:

  • Understand Glass Coverage
  • Consider Your Deductible
  • Submit Your Claim
  • Get The Damage Fixed
  • Protect Yourself Against Windshield Repair Fraud

This is a nice bit of information to have handy if customers need help knowing that their windshield repair is likely covered by insurance.

The article mentions, in part:

Chipped, cracked, and broken windshields are among the most common car repairs. Pebbles, vandalism, falling branches, animals, and even sand and gravel can damage your windshield.

We’ve included the link here for you to review ways to pay for auto glass replacement and winddhield repair using car insurance. We hope you find the article as informative as we did and that you can use it in marketing your services and our Windshield Repair Kits.


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