Windshield Repair Tools: The Dangers of Driving with a Damaged Windshield

Don’t you just hate it when a piece of flying gravel comes out of no where and lands directly on your windshield? It’s what you do after it happens that’s really important.

They’re more than just a nuisance they can be dangerous. Cracked windshields happen as a result of many different things and often, as a result of situations beyond our control, but you may want to think twice before riding down the road with one.

A windshield chip can be caused by airborne rocks, debris, or storms. The chipped glass can affect the safety of your driving. Listed below are a few of the related dangers and how windshield repair is important in terms of safety and price.

Driver Blind Spot

The windshield is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It provides visibility for operation as well as offering protection from flying or falling objects. Anything that lands on your windshield can obstruct visibility. And windshield chips, unfortunately, are not one of those items that can be simply removed using the wiper blades. It is a permanent mark in the windshield glass. This means that, depending on the size and location of the chip, driver visibility may be affected.

Driving Distraction

A chip in your windshield, much like a crack, can be a distraction. Conscious or subconsciously, the chip can cause annoyance and the driver’s eyes may be randomly diverted. This can have an effect on your driving.

Weakened Glass

A windshield chip can cause a weak spot in the glass. This may cause the windshield to be susceptible to future chips or cracks at or near the chipped area, forcing you to replace the windshield rather than repairing it. The weak integrity of the glass may cause cracks to form from vibrations or other collisions. Temperature changes play a large role in exacerbated windshield problems. As your windshield’s glass and frame expands and contracts from temperature fluctuations, this puts stress on weak points like windshield chips. When the stress on the glass becomes great enough, cracks can develop at the chipped site. The windshield is then at a greater risk of shattering. Keeping an eye on windshield chips may help alert you to a growing problem. But repairing chips as they occur reduces the likelihood of future incidents.

Windshield Repair Importance

The above dangers make windshield repair an important consideration. It is also far less costly to repair a chipped piece of glass than replacing your entire windshield. Repairing your windshield keeps the original factory installation, which can reduce the possibility of water leaks. Since automotive windshields cannot be recycled, it also avoids environmental waste caused from throwing the old windshield out. And windshield replacement usually requires more time, which means your vehicle will be unavailable for longer. Your windshield can be professionally repaired using one of our Windshield Repair Kits.

Note that poor windshield repair jobs can not only cause the original chip to remain, but also lead to future windshield damage. This is why you should select a windshield repair company that uses trained professionals only. Also be cautious of any company that encourages you to replace an entire windshield if you only have a small chip. If your insurance company is involved, they will likely require the windshield be repaired, if possible. Replacing the windshield when it can be repaired is considered insurance fraud.

You should also know that driving with a cracked or chipped windshield is not only dangerous but may also be against the law where you live. While regulations may be different from one area to another, it is generally illegal to drive a car with a cracked or chipped windshield. This is because you are not only endangering yourself but also the people you have in your car and the people on the road too due to your impeded vision because of your cracked windshield.

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