Glass Scratch Removal: Saving an Expensive Glass Door

The possibilities are endless when it comes to glass scratch removal—
even damaged glass doors can be restored.
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PROBLEM: Unsightly glass damage caused by orbital sander.
A local painting contractor accidentally damaged a customer’s residential glass door. The glass was accidentally bumped with a random orbital sander leaving a noticeable blemish. Since the door was custom built, replacement costs would be substantial—not to mention the extra time and hassle of installation. If the door was to be repaired, there could be absolutely no visible distortion as the customer was extremely meticulous and the reflection of the adjacent courtyard pool would show any distortion.

SOLUTION: Repair it with the power of Gforce.
GlasWeld was called in to evaluate the damage and found the scratches to be in a repairable area of the door. The Gforce2 Scratch Removal System was used to restore the glass back to “like new” condition. The repair took approximately two hours to complete. Almost half of the time was spent prepping and then ensuring the clean-up was perfect. The final results were flawless. The painting contractor was happy and so was the customer.

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