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Did you know that your automobile windshield can keep you alive in the event of a vehicle crash? Did you know windshield repair can save you money? Did you know that GlasWeld has the highest quality Windshield Repair Kits that can be used in all weather environments?

If you get rock chip damage, the very first option should be to repair the damage with a professional windshield repair kit rather than replace the windshield. This keeps the original factory bond secure, saves time and money, and prevents more glass from being dumped in landfills. And, check this out…

windshield repair kits
Our windshield repair injectors utilize patented ProVac™ technology to ensure a great looking repair that will keep the windshield secure and intact—and you safe!

And for any technicians out there, GlasWeld has several different systems to choose from. Browse our high-quality injectors and windshield repair kits. High quality doesn’t always mean high price.  Our windshield repair kits have been designed with all technicians in mind – from the Professional technician, to the Supplementing My Income technician.  We have a windshield repair kit designed for you.

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Learn more about our windshield repair kits here…

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